Nowadays, technology is present in practically all areas of life, providing us with facilities and conveniences for whatever we need. 


This context, characterized by technology and digitalization, also extends to the field of driving and traveling, with the development of driving apps that try to solve doubts and offer content oriented to the user’s interests and needs on the road becoming more and more frequent. 


At Rossvolt, as a manufacturer of electric motorcycles with a focus on innovation and technology, we are going to discover the list of apps for drivers that you should have on your phone. Grab your phone and take note!   


What are the 7 apps for drivers that you can’t do without?


Smartphones, since their inception, have had a Play Store with an endless number of apps for all tastes and needs, including any requirements that drivers may have when tackling their journey or during it. 


There are many apps for drivers, but some stand out for dealing with issues that are truly relevant to drivers. The options are varied. However, at Rossvolt, we have made a selection of those, available for Android and iOS, that stand out for meeting the demands of most drivers and are geared to cover all their needs. 


Below, we invite you to discover the 7 best driving apps that you can find


1.- Waze. We could say that it is a collaborative app, as it is the users of the service themselves who provide the information, and it is, for many, one of the best driving apps. It allows you to know, at a European level, the state of traffic, road works, and anything else happening on the roads in real-time. This tool will save time and some problems related to fines or traffic jams, for example.


   2.- GasBuddy app or Google Maps. These are two applications that, using the phone’s GPS, can find the nearest service station or petrol station at the lowest price. The App uses data sent by users, apps, and petrol station operators directly, so it has up-to-date information.


   3.- PlugShare. In case you are committed to electric mobility, this App, available for iOS and Android, provides information on where the nearest charging point is, so if your battery charge is on its last legs, don’t forget to check this App! 


   4.- Drivies App: Are you a good driver? Then Drivies is sure to confirm it. It is an application that seeks to encourage the  development of good driving habits to promote driving based on safety. When this is the case, the App detects it and rewards the user. For example, one of the rewards is to help you get the lowest prices when taking out your motorcycle insurance. 


   5.- Find my Car. This App for Android devices is perfect for anyone who forgets where they parked their vehicle… in other words, for most drivers. The App records the exact spot where you’ve left your vehicle and then uses Google Navigation to navigate the vehicle via GPS. If you have an iPhone, you’ll discover other similar options, such as Find My Car Parking. In any case, no more hours of wandering around because you forgot where you left your motorcycle.  


   6.- Drivvo. Also available for iOS and Android. This App helps drivers save money by keeping track of expenses related to their vehicles, such as fuel, maintenance, and insurance. It also provides drivers with useful summaries and statistics.


   7.- Driver mode. Finally, Driver mode is an iPhone application that allows you to control the different apps on your phone without touching them. It comes with a non-glance interface and is useful for avoiding distractions while driving. For Android, you can use Driver mode, thanks to Google Assistant.


What is the best App for driving?


Knowing all these driving apps will allow you to enjoy your journeys even more and bring conveniences and facilities to make your trips safer and more enjoyable. 


Each App offers different functionalities, so deciding which is the best App for drivers is a bit complicated. You’ll have to try them and tell us which one you choose. But without a doubt, best driving apps are the ones that enriches your experience on the road by ensuring your comfort and safety. From Rossvolt, we can only wish you a happy journey!