It is clear how much progress has been made in eco-friendly and sustainable transport; electric vehicles, motorbikes, bicycles, skateboards, and scooters have upgraded their designs by inventing electric mobilities with low noise, fume-free, fast and smooth-sailing journeys; the great development and production novelties of electric motorbikes make them have unique features and impressive specifications.

For the customer, it is not only important to meet optimal design and production characteristics, but they also take a critical view that these must offer excellent technical characteristics in line with the consumer’s expectations.

At Rossvolt, we are aware of which are your current demands. This is why our work focuses on the customer to translate the quality and technical specifications demanded by the market into our production process, emphasizing the commitment to the autonomy of the electric motorbike. 

In the following post, we will tell you about electric motorbikes’ most relevant technical characteristics, undoubtedly the medium committed to sustainability, respect, and care for the environment.


The electric vehicle as a commitment to sustainability 

We are aware that air pollution has been a huge challenge in the transport, health, and environmental sector, especially in recent years. Many ideas and strategies have been suggested and researched to combat this problem. Without a doubt, one of the most successful and efficient has been the invention and development of electric vehicles, characterized by the fact that they do not emit a high level of CO2, carbon dioxide. 

Electric vehicles are characterized by the fact that they generally use electricity to operate, transporting passengers sustainably and responsibly, offering cleaner and faster transport. Therefore, the success of electric vehicles lies in their effectiveness in accelerating the much-needed reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from the transport sector.

This change would not have been possible without the commitment to technology, which seems obvious today. However, there is no point in focusing and working in this area if the demands and needs of the user are not taken into account, something that Rossvolt understood from the very beginning. 

However, the development of electric mobility does not only require technological advances, the distribution of electricity, and the construction of charging points that facilitate the experience of driving such vehicles. This development also calls for the digitization of the entire ecosystem of collaborative platforms to match the efficiency of the process. 


The commitment to technology to ensure excellent technical characteristics

As you know, electric vehicles are characterized by having an electric motor rather than an internal combustion engine. The vehicle uses a big traction battery to power the electric motion, so its power supply process does not require a gas station, but rather It is usually plugged into charging equipment, also known as electric vehicle supply equipment because it runs on electricity.

The fuel of an electric motorcycle is its batteries; the battery power comprises the protection unit, the battery management, the cells, and some complex parts.

Rossvolt’s electric motorcycles are committed to more efficient battery technology batteries than those used to dominate the market. The study and its insistence on technology and the latest advances applied to its production method make the efficiency and quality of its batteries a differentiating characteristic concerning its competition.

When it comes to an electric motorcycle battery, factors such as voltage, the type of battery, tolerance level, protection, or resistance come into play. In addition, the manufacturing materials of the electric battery will not only be essential in the design, offering advantages such as lower weight, but the technical advantages that they can contribute to the maintenance and autonomy of the electric vehicle battery will also be decisive:

  • There is no memory effect, so it requires fewer maintenance checks.
  • They are committed to safety by not incorporating any acid.
  • Electric motorcycles can be charged in record time.
  • Many charging cycles can be carried out quickly without damaging their condition.


An electric autonomy at the height of the user’s demands

Electric motorcycles undoubtedly have a long-term perspective, so all efforts aim to balance quality, design, and technical characteristics with a responsible and respectful environmental vision.

This intention makes evident the importance of the battery, the component that gives life to the electric motorcycle. At Rossvolt, all products are designed to achieve the greatest autonomy to date, allowing Super Fast charging possibilities thanks to the incorporated CCS fast-charging system.

As for the technical specifications of the autonomy of the battery, these are very relative numbers, and, generally, the brands do not usually give very exact and realistic data since they do not take into account if the use that is going to be given to the battery motorcycle is for urban use or long trips.

In our Rossvolt electric motorcycles, the battery’s energy density allows us to reach a capacity of 30kWh, the largest that exists. For this reason, they are perfect and very comfortable to face trips and long journeys since they have more than 200 kilometers of autonomy between cities. In addition, if, on the contrary, urban use is intended, its battery is prepared for greater independence, allowing the user to carry out a very high number of trips.

Electric motorcycles are the present and, above all, the future. Therefore, betting on this type of electric mobility is becoming more and more frequent. Do you want a riding experience with maximum comfortability, no vibration, no noise, no heat, and all the guarantees of quality and safety? Acceleration is excellent; welcome to Rossvolt electric motorcycle!