Are you a car lover? Then you’re ready to meet Rossvolt. Willing to take you beyond the limitations of combustion, Rossvolt has arrived to lead the production of the most advanced electric motorcycles on the market, improving the standard load capacity known so far of an electric motorcycle, providing the rider with an evolved riding experience. 

Rossvolt was born to support environmentally conscious production and demonstrate that electric mobility is more necessary than ever and is not incompatible with meeting excellent quality requirements. 

In the following post, we will go deeper into the reasons why we should opt for an all-electric motorcycle, going into detail on the production characteristics of Rossvolt, the brand that is betting on the future of sustainable mobility in the 2-3 wheel sector. Are you ready? Let’s go!!! 

Innovation and technology as a priority in the production process

Whether combustion or an electric vehicle is better has been on the table for quite some time. It is clear that more and more brands are committed to sustainable mobility, producing vehicles based on these values of respect and environmental awareness without losing fundamental quality requirements. 

Suppose the ultimate goal is to offer the best technical characteristics in the automotive sector. In that case, the key lies in the importance and priority of producing vehicles based on innovation and technology. 

Both concepts are intimately linked to the new priorities that should be among the essential technical requirements of the brands committed to electric vehicles, which increasingly aim to surprise the consumer with excellent technical characteristics and focus on offering a unique driving experience. 

Among the technical characteristics of an electric motorbike based on technology and innovation that should be prioritized are range and speed. 

The range is one of the key factors of an electric motorcycle, so the commitment to improving batteries by increasing their charging capacity is fundamental to convincing and satisfying the user. 

Another prejudice that electric motorcycles have the role of disproving is speed, demonstrating that there are no limits in this sense and making visible the incredible acceleration capacity that they can have, reaching unexpected rev limits in less than 3 seconds. 

It is undeniable that the work to improve the technology and innovation of electric vehicles must be constant and daily. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the brands to keep up with the latest developments in the automotive sector to compete with an electric vehicle that meets the demands of consumers. 

Rossvolt, the future of electric mobility  

Rossvolt was born with a clear purpose: to revolutionize the mobility sector with a powerful range of electric motorcycles. 

Specializing in the 2-3 wheel electric sector, Rossvolt works to break with everything that has been established so far about the automotive industry. Its strong commitment to technology and innovation in its manufacturing process makes Rossvolt the best choice in electric mobility. 

Going further into our production, our 100% electric power unit development is perfected to achieve the longest range in two-wheeled vehicles to date in our motorcycles. In addition, its charging system using the CSS connector charging system allows the battery to be charged super-fast, always thinking of offering the best possible user experience so that the process of charging the motorbike is never inconvenient. 

On the other hand, the energy density of the Rossvolt batteries allows reaching a capacity of 30kWh, the highest available, giving the user the possibility to enjoy it on long-distance journeys. 

In this sense, the technical performance that we achieve with the power unit used in the Rossvolt electric motorbikes has to do with engine power, speed, and acceleration capacity, three essential factors most valued by all those who seek to enjoy the asphalt on two wheels:

  • Motor power ratings above 120 kW. 
  • A maximum speed of 235 km/h 
  • Acceleration from 0 to 100 in less than 3 seconds. 

In addition, thinking about the different uses and places where you can enjoy a Rossvolt electric motorcycle, this power system can be configured in 4 other riding modes; Parking, Eco, Urban, and Boost. 

At Rossvolt, the priority is to bring complete satisfaction to the riders, ensuring a more lively and pure ride, predicting an unparalleled experience, not only focused on exceeding the expectations of innovation but also of intelligence, developing a system of elements that allow the user to interact with the bike, having access to complete information about the status of the motorcycle, statistical data of the trips, traffic conditions, technical support… offering a more refined and safer riding experience.  

Need more reasons why you should go electric mobility? Rossvolt is the present and the future. Rossvolt is the change in mobility we’ve needed for so long. See first-hand the experience of riding one of the best electric motorcycles on the market. Join Rossvolt.