Due to the numerous climatic and environmental problems caused by the use of petroleum and fossil derivatives throughout the world, many studies and investigations have been carried out to offer the environment new solutions in favor of environmental sustainability; The Electric Mobility.

As you know, this type of mobility is characterized by incorporating one or more electric motors in the means of transport to generate mobility. Electric mobility can be defined as a highly connected industry that has its point of concentration on meeting mobility needs under sustainability with a vehicle through the use of a portable power source and an electric drive.

Undoubtedly, electric mobility is here to stay and will be essential in the future of the transport industry and will eventually be incorporated into means of transport such as trains, trams, planes… In addition, it will address new lines of business that are not only related to the vehicle itself but also its energy systems and transport infrastructure. Do you agree that sustainable mobility is a great opportunity to change mobility as we know it today and which can be used to the benefit of all of us? 

Future of electric mobility

You may have been affected because it is less and less strange to find countries where the driving of gasoline or diesel cars is beginning to be prohibited, or cities where the driving of this type of vehicle is limited. So it is not strange to think that the industry of electric mobility is established, not long from now, as the only viable transport option at a global level.

Far from seeming like a limitation, it is, without a doubt, good news for the security of well-being and care for the environment, since the emission of greenhouse gases will be considerably reduced. In the same way, that work will be done to regulate and reduce the effects produced by climate change.

There is still a long way to go and much research to be carried out to ensure user satisfaction and thus reduce the mistrust that can arise around the qualities and expectations of an electric vehicle.

To achieve this, work must be done on producing electric vehicles. Still, it is also necessary to work together to achieve sustainable electric mobility and create an ecosystem that includes all the services required to make this type of vehicle viable mobility, from the construction of the electric vehicle to the digitization of the entire field that includes collaboration platforms. 

At Rossvolt, we work to produce electric motorcycles that meet both the demands and requirements of the user and the needs of today’s environment. That’s why we not only manufacture 100% electric motorcycles, but they also have the longest driving range on the market, ensuring our customers an unparalleled experience. 

How are electric vehicles 

The production of electric vehicles contributes to developing a more responsible and environmentally aware industry, fostering the creation of an environment based on sustainability and decarbonization through the electrification of transport.

In terms of care and respect for the environment, these benefits favor the development of new vehicles aimed at satisfying these preferences and concerns of consumers, hence the increasing supply of electric vehicles.

Among the benefits that characterize electric motorcycles, from Rossvolt, we highlight:

  • No pollution: By having an electric motor, it does not emit harmful gases.
  • No Noise: There is no noise pollution with electric vehicles since it is curbed. Electric vehicles can provide a smooth ride with longer distances and higher acceleration.
  • Battery life: Thanks to the commitment to technology and innovation, the batteries of electric motorcycles have a very long useful life, the number of necessary revisions being very low, as they generally do not present failures.
  • Electric charging stations: There is no need to run to the gas station to charge your car when you use an electric vehicle. You can use a normal household socket to set the electric vehicle. In addition, there are more and more electric charging stations distributed around cities.
  • Low Maintenance: The maintenance of electric motorcycles is very low as they have electrical components that are not prone to wear.
  • Easy and smooth driving: a unique feature is regenerative braking. The braking process in combustible cars is a large loss of kinetic energy released as frictional heat. The same energy is used to charge the batteries in an electric vehicle.

Imagine being able to drive while enjoying all these advantages and at the same time taking care of the environment and not causing any environmental impact. It is our responsibility to protect and care for it for all of us.

Steps towards responsible mobility 

This push for the decarbonization of the automotive industry is being reinforced not only by the benefits that an electric vehicle brings to mobility but also by the insistence on creating this favorable environment that supports policies, improvements in technology, the reduction in the price of batteries, the expansion of the supply of electrified models and the gradual development of the recharging network, making this practice more accessible.

All this context makes it foreseeable that there will be 26 million electric vehicles circulating on the roads throughout the year. Looking further into the future, analysts make it clear that by 2030 60% of vehicle sales will be zero emissions, which is why many think that vehicles powered by combustion engines will no longer start on the streets and will be removed from the roads before 2040.

Electric mobility will be the normal mode of transport in the nearest future. Rossvolt, with a focus on innovation both in the design and in the quality of its products, works on each of its projects with the guarantee of always living up to the expectations of this new mode of transport. Are you ready to start being part of this mobility?