When you opt for an electric vehicle, whether it is a car or an electric motorcycle, you are not only betting and contributing to establishing sustainable mobility, but you will also be part of a community that is aware that the miles and roads can be enjoyed just as much or more without the need of combustion engines


One of the first things you ask yourself before deciding on an electric motorcycle is the maintenance conditions to know what care, revisions and specifications are required. What if I tell you that it is one of the most comfortable vehicles and requires less maintenance? 


From Rossvolt, as manufacturers of electric motorcycles with greater autonomy in the market, we will tell you how to maintain your electric motorcycle to enjoy it for many years. Are you ready? 


How to maintain electric vehicles in 4 steps? 


It is well known that the maintenance of an electric motorcycle is simpler than that of a conventional motorcycle with a combustion engine. The simplicity of its mechanics explains the simplicity of its maintenance. 


However, this does not mean that it is not necessary to pay a minimum of attention and make the relevant revisions to ensure that the vehicle is in perfect condition. For this reason, electric motorcycles require certain basic care that helps to prolong their useful life, such as periodically checking the wheels, the condition of the tires, the brakes and, of course, the battery. 


With these 4 steps for the maintenance of electric vehicles, as expert manufacturers of electric motorcycles, we want to show you how easy it will be to take care of your motorcycle. In addition, thanks to the new charging systems, you will always have your motorcycle ready in record time, increasing its autonomy capacity to very surprising levels.


Here are 4 of the most important things to keep in mind about how to maintain an electric motorcycle:


  1. Charging the battery 


One of the most important things to maintaining an electric motorcycle is to take care of the battery. It is not necessary to receive a course in electric vehicle maintenance. Still, it is required to consider some details, such as charging time or the maximum and minimum limits for plugging the motorcycle into the mains. 


  • Optimum charging percentage. To maintain electric motorcycles, it is necessary to charge them before it reaches 15% and disconnects it before it reaches 100%. It is OK if one day it falls below the minimum percentage or if one day it is charged to 100%, but it is not good if it becomes a habit. Nor should you leave it connected to the charger if it is already at maximum, even if it is only occasionally. 


  • Period of inactivity. Do not store it for a long period with the maximum or minimum capacity. The ideal is that it stays between 50 % and 70 %. 


  • Regulate consumption. Do not always have the highest consumption mode activated on your motorcycle. Leave the sport riding option for specific occasions or moments. Otherwise, the battery will overheat again and again to the maximum, and you will lose performance. 


  • Improve your battery performance. To improve the performance of your electric battery, consider doing a complete charge and discharge cycle once a month. You will take full advantage of its capacity for longer. 


  1. Annual check-up 


A maintenance schedule for electric vehicles created by the manufacturer must be respected and carried out. Electric motorcycles are generally scheduled for an annual check-up in which the charge levels are checked for completeness, the condition of the brakes is checked, the oil levels of the forks are limited, and the lights’ operation is checked. 


  1. Cleaning


The motorcycle must always be kept clean. After a long trip or a few days of rain, removing any debris adhered to the wheels, chassis and vehicle components is advisable. As it is electric, it is more susceptible to excess dirt that may corrupt some elements, or the humidity may cause an improper connection. 


  1. ITV


The technical inspection of vehicles is also mandatory for electric motorcycles. They must pass it with a periodicity of four years the first time and every two years after that. The first one will be three years in the case of mopeds with less than 50cc. However, as a positive aspect, the price of the ITV for electric motorcycles is more economical as they do not have to pass the gas or noise test. 


What are the maintenance costs of electric vehicles? 


The electric maintenance costs are more cost-effective than gasoline-powered vehicles. This is because the wear of parts, including wheels and brakes, is lower in this case. In addition, except for the oil-hydraulic part of the forks, there are no oils or fluids to replace.


Nor the electric vehicle charging stations maintenance is a problem. It is difficult and rare for them to break down, and they have an indefinite service life. The most advisable thing is not to charge them in a row to keep them in perfect condition, leaving at least 30 minutes between one and the other.


And do not forget that, in the case of motorcycles, the batteries are easier to charge than those of cars, vans or trucks. They are easier to replace and can even be conveniently charged at a household socket if they are removable.


Electric mobility is the future, not only because of its countless advantages and optimal technical characteristics but also because of its environmental friendliness and commitment to sustainability. In addition, we can add the advances that are being made in improvements in autonomy and maintenance, which make electric vehicles the best option for the next purchase in case you are thinking of changing your vehicle. 


Do you want to know all that an electric motorcycle can offer? From Rossvolt, as manufacturers of electric motorcycles, we will be happy to provide you with all the information you need and be your partner in your next two-wheeled vehicle. Contact us!