Constant research makes technological advances possible in different sectors. Proof of this, is the innovation taking place in the automotive industry. 

The serious concern for the care and respect for the environment has led to the development of new solutions in all areas. One of the most important is the change from combustion to electric vehicles.  

The search for renewable energy sources for vehicles has led to the development and production of electric vehicles, which base their operation on the use of electrical energy to run the engine, leaving aside fuels and other polluting resources. 

While the combustion vehicle emits harmful gases into the atmosphere, such as carbon due to gasoline or diesel, electric vehicles produce fewer greenhouse gases. In fact, according to various studies and research by the European Energy Agency, the carbon emissions of an electric car are between 17 and 30% lower than those of a gasoline or diesel car

Although there is still much progress to be made in the electric vehicle sector, there are already many advantages and reasons that show that electric vehicles are the future. It is up to us to become part of this future.  

Rossvolt is aware of and involved in environmental concerns. For this reason, all its production is based on the values of defense and respect towards sustainability, betting on a 100% electrical product. In the following post, we will delve into the characteristics and advantages of electric vehicles compared to combustion vehicles. Are you ready? 


Advantages of electric vehicles 

Although electric vehicles are relatively new on the automotive market, many advantages have already been demonstrated compared to the vehicles that have been the main protagonists on the roads until now, the combustion vehicles. 

  • Zero emissions: Electric vehicles do not emit polluting gas emissions during operation, so they do not pollute or harm the environment.  
  • Fewer mechanical breakdowns: Electric vehicles do not incorporate a traditional engine. Therefore, their examinations are considerably reduced since very few elements are in motion and exposed to breakdowns and problems. 
  • Fewer maintenance concerns: An electric vehicle only requires maintenance of batteries and electric motors; it is not necessary to change filters, lubricants, and various liquids.  
  • No fuel consumption: The electric vehicle does not depend on fuel to operate, can be charged overnight in the garage and involves an expense equivalent to 1 € every 100 kilometers. 
  • Comfortable and relaxed driving: Generally, due to the engine and battery conditions, electric vehicles emit a very soft noise, making driving less uncomfortable and avoiding noise pollution. 


Maintenance for Electric Vehicles  

Are you thinking of buying an electric vehicle? So let me tell you that you have to consider different factors related to its maintenance. Despite being the same vehicle, there are many differences in maintenance between an electric motorcycle and a combustion motorcycle because the elements that compose it are slightly different. 

From Rossvolt, we will give you a series of tips and indications to ensure the best condition of your electric motorcycle. Take note! 

If we want our electric motorcycle to be always maintained from the first day, we must pay attention to certain considerations. First, the battery is the main component on which our attention must be focused. 

Good maintenance of the electric motorcycle starts with correct charging and discharging. It is important to bear in mind that factors such as the weather can affect its correct operation, so it is not advisable to leave our motorcycle charging outdoors on very hot days or very cold nights. 

Another important aspect to consider is not to let the battery drop below 10%, so it is best to charge the battery before it drops below 20% and leave it until it reaches 100%.

A very positive point of electric motorcycles is that their engine does not need maintenance, so we cannot forget about oil changes or the replacement of parts. However, it is advisable to make periodic checks to ensure that the bike chain is clean and greased and the tires and shock absorbers are still in perfect condition.


Why purchase an electric motorcycle

Owning a vehicle is generally a goal shared with everyone due to its extensive advantages, especially in terms of speed and comfort of travel. It is a means of transportation that makes life better and easier, especially now that many vehicle models exist. 

At this point, it is time to consider opting for an electric motorcycle if we are looking for a new vehicle, not only because of the quality and comfort it offers but also because it is time to leave behind polluting components such as petroleum to make way for new energies that are more sustainable for the planet. 

Undoubtedly, sustainable mobility will be more and more protagonist in the streets and roads, leaving more and more fuel vehicles behind. Sustainable mobility is a challenge, and it is up to us to contribute to a better and more responsible future for all. Are you ready to be part of this change? Join Rossvolt!