When choosing an insurance policy, whether for a home or a vehicle, many factors come into play that can determine the choice of one type of policy or another. 


In the case of motorcycle insurance, sometimes the price is the determining factor in opting for one or the other. However, in most cases, if not all, it is worth increasing basic insurance protection and evaluating different options. 


To do so, it is important to consider several tips that will ensure comprehensive coverage and avoid the owner of the motorcycle certain problems in the medium and long term. 


Rossvolt, as an expert in the electric automotive sector, will give you some tips to help you choose the best motorcycle insurance. Are you ready?   


Why is it so important to choose the right motorcycle insurance?


There is no denying that the level of risk when driving a two-wheeled vehicle is higher than when driving other types of vehicles, such as cars. 


For this reason, choosing the most suitable motorcycle insurance according to your preferences is vital to provide you with all the guarantees you need when you are out on the road daily. 


In many cases, when choosing the best motorcycle insurance, only the motorcycle insurance quotes are considered. However, it is essential to evaluate more aspects that, although you may think they are not very important, can be decisive when the time comes.


Below, we will go deeper into the questions you have to ask yourself before choosing one motorcycle insurance or another. Let’s get to it!  


How to choose the best motorcycle insurance


In the following sections, we give you the keys you should consider to choose the motorcycle insurance you need. 


 1. How do you usually use your motorcycle?

Being a motorcyclist is a lifestyle, but it doesn’t mean you use this vehicle every day. That’s the first thing you should consider: how much do you use your bike? 


To find out, establish these points:

  • How often do you ride your motorcycle? 
  • What journeys do you make? 
  • How many kilometers do you ride? 
  • Do you usually ride alone or with someone else? 


Then follow a simple rule of three: the more you use your bike, the more risks your bike is exposed to and the more cover your insurance should have. 



2. What does your motorcycle look like?


Just as when you take out cover for your car, motorcycle insurance depends on the characteristics of the vehicle:

  • Its cylinder capacity.
  • It is fairing.
  • Its accessories.
  • If it is classic motorbike insurance or not. 
  • If the motorbike is top of the range. 


Here we use the same rule of three that we saw in the previous section. In other words, the more valuable and newer the motorcycle, the more cover you will have to take out.


When making motorcycle insurance quotes, you need to assess your investment in the vehicle and when. From there, you can then go for the policy you need. Don’t forget that it will never cover more than your motorcycle is worth. 



3. Where are you going to park your motorcycle?


Another vital question when choosing motorcycle insurance is where you park your vehicle. Not only when you are at home but also on your regular commute, especially when you go to work. 


If your motorcycle is parked most of the time in a garage, the level of risk decreases. For example, it will be more difficult to damage it by vandalism or weather conditions. This will be taken into account by you but also by the insurer when setting the price. 



4. How do you want to pay for your motorcycle insurance?


The best motorcycle insurance is the one that offers you the best coverage for the lowest price. That is why, when talking about economic issues, we will focus only on the payment method. 


It is not uncommon for your insurer to offer you to pay in installments, but they do not always do so without receiving consideration. So check if there is a discount if you pay in one installment and if the cost increases if you pay monthly, in three or four installments, or in whatever way you agree with the company.


In any case, it is normal that if you make a single payment, the insurance price will be lower. 



5. What coverages are basic when taking out motorcycle insurance?


Multi motorcycle insurance or with various covers is always the best option. These are the ones that you must have, regardless of the policy you take out:


  • That it covers the driver’s health care. 
  • That it offers roadside assistance from kilometer zero. 
  • That it has a good defense, it must deal with the processing of appeals through administrative and enforcement channels, regardless of the fine imposed on you. 
  • It must guarantee that you will receive financial compensation in the event of theft or damage.


In addition to all these factors, it is also important that you check the ratings and reviews of former customers to make sure that all the services offered by the insurer are true and that they are delivered. In the end, a good or bad review can tip the balance one way or the other. 


From Rossvolt, we hope these tips have been useful, and we invite you to choose the best motorcycle insurance, but above all, that you enjoy it to the fullest wherever you go!