Are you a two-wheel lover? If so, you are surely looking forward to taking your motorcycle at all times and planning with it the most amazing trips and routes. For that, it is sometimes necessary to spend a night away from home, which requires you to load and prepare your motorcycle with the essential luggage for your stay. 


The solution is clear: you need to find the best motorcycle luggage systems. The reality is that although it may seem like a simple, everyday action, it is necessary to take into account some standard size and placement measures to ensure the comfort and safety of travelers, two essential aspects to save you from a bad travel experience. 


From Rossvolt, as manufacturers of electric motorcycles and mobility experts, we will reveal everything you need to know about motorcycle luggage; what measures are allowed, how to place it and some tricks to ensure the comfort of travelers. Take note!


Which are the rules that motorcycle luggage must meet?


Although later you will learn some practical tips when choosing the most suitable motorcycle luggage, the first thing you should be clear about are the rules that motorcycle luggage must comply with and keep in mind that complying with them will not only help you avoid a fine, but mainly you must comply with them in order not to put at risk neither your integrity nor that of the rest of your companions on the road. 


Here are the main motorcycle luggage regulations that you should take into account: 


  • Weight. The motorcycle manufacturer will indicate the maximum weight that the vehicle can support, including the luggage, and do not exceed it because it could endanger the vehicle’s stability. 


  • Speed. It would be best if you also remembered that riding a loaded motorcycle is not the same as riding a lighter motorcycle. The movements tend to be slower, the braking distance increases and the agility to make unexpected movements is considerably reduced. In this sense, it is essential to be safe and ride at a speed following the riding conditions.  


  • Length. We must remember that we are not riding alone on the road, so we cannot carry luggage that protrudes excessively from the motorcycle’s structure. According to the regulations, motorcycle luggage cannot occupy more than half a meter on each side starting from the longitudinal axis of the motorcycle. 


Of course, keep in mind that if you opt for side motorcycle luggage rack systems, the ride will not be the same as the stability conditions vary. You have to take their volume as a new reference, something you will have to do, especially when riding between cars.  


And, although it may seem obvious, remember that you cannot carry luggage on the front of the motorcycle. Not only is it dangerous because it changes the vehicle’s balance and obscures the headlights, but also because luggage can considerably reduce the driver’s visibility.


What motorcycle are luggage options available?


There are many options for motorcycle luggage racks that you can find in specialized automotive stores. Here we show you the most outstanding and recurrent ones:


  • Rear suitcase. Also known as a top case, it is a motorcycle luggage box. It is the one used by couriers and has both supporters and detractors. For some, it spoils the motorcycle’s aesthetics, but it is clear that it is very practical, and you can take advantage of it in your daily life. For example, carrying the helmet of the copilot. Also, for trips where you do not need too much luggage. 


  • Side cases. The side cases for your motorcycle are compatible with the luggage rack and maximize your options to carry a larger volume of luggage, especially to cope with long trips. With a little skill, you can store many things. Remember that in Spain, for example, a motorcycle suitcase cannot exceed half a meter on each side. For this reason, keeping the papers in the bags is advisable to prove that they are homologated. In addition, as a tip, carrying a universal motorcycle luggage rack will save you problems and uncertainty about whether it is a piece of approved luggage. 


  • Backpack on the back. It is a classic to see a driver in his day-to-day with a backpack on his back. It can be used for everything, to go to work, to go to sports or to travel, although it must be taken into account that the backpack’s volume does not affect the safety elements of the motorcycle jacket. 


  • Leg bag. This is a fanny pack with a closing mechanism that allows it to be attached to the leg. It is used to carry the basics when you don’t need anything else: your house keys, your cell phone or your documents. Of course, it is compatible with the rest of the options for your luggage on the motorcycle. 


  • Tank backpack. With this backpack, you can go on a trip for a few days. Opt for models that change the size to suit your needs and do not occupy more volume than necessary. 


What tips will help you make the most of your chosen luggage rack and ensure your safety?


As is evident, the limitations when it comes to carrying luggage on a motorcycle are greater than in a vehicle, so the skill when it comes to packing is essential in these cases to make the most of every space. On the other hand, the strategy when placing all the luggage will greatly influence its comfort and safety of it, so you must take into account the following tricks to get the most out of your luggage rack:


  • Luggage carrier suitcase. Do not carry belongings that move a lot inside, as the noise can scare you on the road. 


  • Side cases. Please do not place the panniers close to the exhaust pipe, as they can burn. 


  • Backpack on the back. Always opt for a waterproof model so that what you carry inside does not get wet in case it rains during the trip. In addition, it is better if the zipper is on the side so that it does not open so easily. 


  • Leg bag. We also recommend that it be waterproof. 


  • Tank backpack. In addition to being waterproof, it must allow the handlebars to rotate well and have quality magnets. 


For Rossvolt, the most important thing is that you enjoy two wheels on every trip. Therefore, our blog will always bring you the best tips to ensure the best experiences on the road. If you want to know more tips like these, don’t hesitate: Join our community!