The thrill of the road layout, the stops along the way, or the simple pleasure of riding with that feeling of freedom are some basic premises of a good motorcycle route

Apart from the legendary weekend getaways with friends, a motorist can’t help but try out new experiences. Traveling thousands of different roads, enjoying breathtaking landscapes, and getting to know fascinating destinations are a must for lovers of asphalt and two wheels. 

A great road trip is every biker’s dream from head to toe. That’s why Rossvolt has made a selection of the 10 best motorcycle routes in the world that will make you imagine the best moments of your life, and who knows, maybe some of those moments will come true… Are you ready to open the throttle?

Route 66 United States

The first route that should top this list of the 10 best motorcycle routes in the world could not be any other than Route 66 in the United States, considered one of the best motorcycling routes. 

It runs for 3,940 km between Chicago (Illinois) and Los Angeles (California), passing through the states of Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. 

Almost everyone has an idea of this legendary U.S. motorcycle route, as it has been featured in many series, films, songs, and novels. The music group Depeche Mode, for example, has dedicated a song to it, describing each of the stops along the route. 

Although it is no longer possible to follow the original route uninterruptedly, some well-preserved stretches still maintain the essence of yesteryear. 

Among its curiosities, Route 66 was the first asphalted road in the United States, and it was not until 1938 that it was possible to travel it completely without leaving the dust of the roads behind. 


Pacific Coast Highway (United States)

Another well-known motorcycle route in the United States of America is the Pacific Coast Highway. It runs parallel to the West Coast, so the scenery is spectacular, offering one of the country’s legendary scenic highways.

The name of the road is State Route 1, which covers more than 900 km in total, linking Los Angeles and San Francisco, so it could be considered an extension of Route 66. Along the way, you will visit iconic places such as St. Louis Obispo, Monterey, and Santa Cruz, while passing impressive forests, beaches, and cliffs. 

Among other things, the Pacific Coast Highway is famous for having some of the best coastlines in the world, earning it the designation of an «All-American Road», meaning it has unique qualities not found anywhere else in the United States. 


Route 40 

Route 40 in Argentina is the U.S. Route 66. Ruta Nacional 40 in Argentina has a prominent place among the 10 most memorable roads in the world; its scenery, length, extremely high altitude conditions, and the variety of regions it travels through. 

Route 40 is estimated to be 5,194 km long and crosses the country from north to south, offering breathtaking views and scenery. It starts in La Quiaca, continues through Jujuy, along the Bolivian border to Cabo Vírgenes in Santa Cruz.

You’ll pass through several natural parks and skirt the Andes Mountains along the way. You can also take a break to visit the pre-Columbian ruins of the Quilmes and Tucumán or be amazed by the famous Perito Moreno glacier before it disappears. 


Ho Chi Minh Trail

If you prefer something more exotic, Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh Trail motorcycle route is for you. 

This historic route emerged in the 1960s during the Vietnam War and served as a way to supply the Vietcong with weapons and food. It links North and South Vietnam, passing through Laos and Cambodia. 

Also known as the Hanoi to Victory road, it is about 16,000 kilometers long, although due to the passage of time, it is no longer possible to do the entire route, and you can choose different sections to travel. However, there is a high risk of getting lost, so it is not advisable to do it without an experienced local guide. 


North Yorkshire 

We are referring to North Yorkshire in England. If you love the English countryside and green landscapes, you can’t miss it. Along this motorcycle route, you will enjoy 440 km between Kendall and Whitby, crossing a road, the A-684, full of long straights, sharp bends, small towns with all the English charm, and many natural landscapes. 

Without a doubt, the Yorkshire coast is one of the most recommendable motorcycle routes that we can do without having to spend too many days there. Three days would be enough to complete the route, making stops at many of its most beautiful spots. We recommend a pint of beer and a plate of fish and chips. 


Amalfi Coast

If you’ve ever seen the scene of an open-top car driving along the side of an Italian mountain with the sea in the background and fallen in love, this is one of the motorcycle routes not to be missed. 

The road runs between Sorrento and Amalfi, and along the way, as well as the curves to enjoy, the scenery offers stunning views to stop and watch. 

Oslo-North Cape Norway

If you’re a risk-taker, this is one of the few motorcycle routes on icy roads in Norway. 

Drive at your own pace through Norway’s spectacular north on this breathtaking route on endless roads. Arriving in Tromso, visit the Vesteralen Islands for incredible views, then head north to Europe’s most northerly point, the mythical North Cape, a land of fjords, cliffs, and nature at its purest.

Cabo de Gata to Granada

Spain also has some great motorcycle routes. According to motorcycling experts, this route has enough attractions to be considered one of the ten best routes in Spain for motorcyclists, as it brings together most of the attractions that two-wheeled enthusiasts are looking for. 

The Cabo de Gata Nature Reserve is the starting point, and the wonderful city of Granada is the destination. Along the way, you will enjoy more than 200 kilometers of beaches and cliffs, with the Tabernas Desert as an essential landmark, with easy roads and an attractive landscape different from what you can find on other routes. 

When you arrive in Granada, you can’t leave without walking around the city, visiting the Alhambra, and enjoying the authentic Mediterranean gastronomy. Without a doubt, this is a good option if you like motorcycle camping routes. 



With a route of around 2,570 kilometers, after disembarking from the ferry that docks in Ceuta, you start a journey through the exotic Alouite kingdom, crossing the Rif Mountains and the Atlas Mountains before passing through Fez and Erfoud and getting ready to enter the Sahara Desert. 

Along the way, you will enjoy wonders like the Todra and Dades Gorges, the oasis of Ouarzazate, the imperial city of Marrakech, the beaches of Agadir, the charm of Casablanca, the mystery of Tangier… And souks, kasbahs, fossil sites… This is undoubtedly one of the best motorcycle routes we are showing you. 


The Pyrenees and San Bernardino Switzerland

Another motorcycle route in Europe that cannot be missed is the route between the Pyrenees and Switzerland, being one of the best europe motorcycle tour routes. 

Starting in Bilbao and with more than 2,400 kilometers to cover, this route takes you through the most impressive mountains of the Pyrenees. Passing through La Seu d’Urgell and Andorra to enter Bourg-madame and Ripoll, you enter France to enjoy mountains such as the Col d’Aspin. 


Now that you know the 10 best motorcycle routes in the world, you only need a motorcycle route planner and get your motorbike ready. You’ll enjoy hours and hours of fun on 2 wheels and will take away fascinating memories of your passage through such emblematic places for motorists. Are you ready to travel the world on your motorcycle? 3,2,1… Go!