For many, motorcycles are considered their favorite mode of transport, not only because of the freedom they represent but also because of the adrenaline rush they feel on top of it. 


When riding a motorcycle, whether it is a short distance trip or a route that has hundreds and hundreds of kilometers ahead of it, it is essential to take into account several motorcycle protection elements that will guarantee our safety at all times in case of any unforeseen events, bumps or falls. 


At Rossvolt, as lovers and experts of motorcycles and electric mobility, we want to guarantee you maximum safety on the road at all times. That’s why in the following post, we will take a closer look at the safety equipment for motorcycles, take note!


What is motorcycle equipment?


Motorcycle equipment includes all those elements that protect the integrity of the rider on the road. Among these items, only one is mandatory now: the motorcycle helmet. 

However, the rest are highly recommended, especially when the weather conditions are not optimal and you have a long journey ahead.  


Motorcycle helmet, what should you know?


As you already know, at the moment, the only element that is compulsory by law when riding a motorcycle is the helmet, as stated in the General Road Traffic Regulations.


Furthermore, this document specifies that the motorcycle helmet must be approved or certified to comply with current legislation and that its use is compulsory on all types of roads.  


When choosing the best motorcycle helmet, it is important to remember that it must have specific characteristics to perform its function properly.  


Among the most standard models of motorcycle helmets, there are several options, from full-face helmets recommended for long journeys to avoid wind blows to the face and eyes to open-face or jet helmets or modular helmets


Another factor to take into account when buying a motorcycle helmet is the choice of size, avoiding in any case that it is loose, trying to adjust it as much as possible to the head so that it exerts some pressure, always in a controlled manner and without being an excessive pressure. 


When you do not wear a motorcycle helmet, you risk a fine, but above all, most importantly, you threaten your safety and expose yourself to worse consequences in an accident. For this reason, you should never neglect to wear a helmet at any time, no matter how short or well-known the route is.


In the following section, we invite you to learn about other safety elements for motorcyclists that are not mandatory but highly recommended. Let’s get to it!   


What other safety features are there for motorcyclists? 


To ensure complete safety and be really protected on two wheels on the asphalt, in addition to the best motorcycle helmet, you also need to take into account the following elements: 


  • Gloves. Although there has been a lot of talk about making them compulsory, they are not at the moment. What they are, however, is almost essential. They protect you in the event of a fall, improve grip, and reduce vibrations… So please don’t skimp on buying good summer or winter gloves and ensure they protect the knuckles and the rest of the hand and wrist. 


  • Motorcycle jacket. When choosing a motorbike jacket, don’t settle for just anyone, but check the materials and strength to ensure it is protective. These jackets must be made of materials that can withstand abrasion and allow mobility, so the choice of size also plays an important role. In addition, if you opt for brightly colored garments, you will improve your visibility to other drivers. There are models of motorbike jackets for summer that help ventilation and perspiration, avoiding accumulating too much heat for times when the heat is suffocating.


  • Motorcycle trousers. Motorbike trousers are intended to fulfill the same function as jackets. So they are another essential motorbike accessory when you’re out on the road, especially on long trips. 


  • Motorcycle boots. Motorbike boots are not everyone’s cup of tea, although there is a wide variety of designs to find models that best suit your style. In any case, their design should protect you, at least up to the ankle. Also, ensure they have protection on the toe and heel, so they are effective in case of impact. 


  • Leather overalls. Leather overalls are rarely used for short rides because they can be uncomfortable for your routine. However, they are ideal and highly recommended for longer routes or trips, as they can protect the body’s most sensitive areas that may be exposed to other types of clothing.  


In addition to these garments, other motorcycle accessories help drivers enjoy their favorite vehicle with guaranteed safety and comfort, such as visors and goggles. They have to be the right choice to have a wide vision angle and correspond to the weather conditions. 


At Rossvolt, as specialists in electric motorcycles, we will be happy to advise you on everything you need to make the most of the road while ensuring complete safety at all times. Contact us!