ROSS UPFeel the Power

At the heart of the Rossvolt motorcycle is a unit of power developed to achieve the longest range in two-wheeled vehicles to date.

A 30kWh battery gives you the highest capacity on the market with a supersonic time of charge. Enjoy a long (and real) autonomy with a range of +250 km inter-cities and go from 0 to 100 in less than 3 seconds.

ROSS IEFeel the connection

Rossvolt is not the connectivity that everyone used to know: it is the experience of you and your motorbike as one.

The communication system allows the riders to get the personalized information and make the ride safer just by worrying about feeling the road.

The essential information complemented with technical parameters that make possible a unique driving experience for each user.

Interact with the vehicle on a dashboard that shows you all the information of interest.

  • Driving (driving style, distances, speed)
  • Location (gps, maps, statistics)
  • Alerts (engine, battery, connections, vibration, thefts)
  • Information (charge points, schedules, news)
  • Routes (route management, data history, communication with other riders)

ROSS MECHFeel the (r)evolution

Exploring the potential of each material, Rossvolt becomes an innovative product not only in technology but also in design, which relies on the use of composite materials such as carbon fiber and the use of 3D printing.