The great awareness of the environment has developed a high level of interest in vehicles that are responsible and respectful of the environment in which we live. As a result, electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular, and it is becoming more and more common to see these vehicles on the roads and streets of cities. 

Have you ever ridden an electric motorcycle? What did you think of the experience? Have you enjoyed the adrenaline of speed? Are you a fan of motorcycle routes?

Regardless of whether or not you have ever ridden an electric motorcycle, Rossvolt wants to make sure that every time you do, it is a unique experience. That’s why we have prepared for you a top 5 tips for you to enjoy every ride to the fullest, always prioritizing safety and enjoyment. Are you ready? Here we go! 

1. Battery charge level   

The speed and intensity of the motorbike are not at odds with whether it is an electric motorbike or not. However, they will depend on the battery level of the bike, so it is advisable to make sure of the charge level before riding the motorcycle, especially if you are going on long routes or trips. 

There is no limit to the number of kilometres you can travel on an electric motorbike. However, in the same way, as with a combustion motorbike, you will need to stop to recharge the battery at charging stations. 

Fortunately, due to the boom in this type of vehicle, most petrol stations nowadays also have a recharging point for electric vehicles, so recharging your electric motorbike is becoming an increasingly simple task. 

2. Safe equipment

Riding a motorbike carries more risk than riding any other means of transport with bodywork, as the protection is visibly less. Therefore, when riding an electric motorbike, we must be aware of the dangers we are exposed to. 

For this reason, carrying good equipment is key to reducing risks in the event of an accident or fall. There are different biker outfits depending on the time of the year, so be careful! It’s not because it’s summer and it’s hot that we should pay less attention to this factor or be less equipped. 

Regarding the helmet is one of the most important elements and requires regular checks to ensure that it offers maximum safety. You may not know it, but helmets generally have an expiration date since, as they are used, they lose their faculties, and their protective elements may have deteriorated. 

However, many other security elements for riding a motorbike are not required, they are highly recommended, especially on a road trip, such as a protective jacket, knee pads, or helmet. In addition, there are also special motorbike trousers and footwear that will guarantee you greater safety. 

3. Be careful with the temperature

The technology of an electric motorcycle is quite sensitive to temperature. Exposing the electric motorcycle to the sun or extreme cold can considerably reduce the range of the motorcycle, so it is important to take this into account, especially when parking it. 

In addition, when recharging, it is also advisable to take this into account as doing so at very high or low temperatures could affect recharging, slowing it down or negatively affecting the battery’s health. 

In any case, it is advisable for any vehicle, whether electric or combustion, not to be exposed to very high or low temperatures, as it is always susceptible to alterations in its mechanism. 

4. Watch out for the throttle 

If you are a fan of high speeds and feel the adrenaline at every acceleration, you should be aware that the system of an electric motorcycle is slightly different from that of a combustion one. 

So, pay attention, this is of interest to you! Torque figures are much higher in electric motorcycles than gasoline ones, reflected in fast acceleration. In other words, if you open the throttle on an electric motorcycle, you can pick up a lot of speed in a very short time. So this is a detail to keep in mind, especially so that you are not caught off guard and don’t get scared if it’s your first time riding an electric motorcycle. 

Of course, once you have it under control, you will be the first to leave at every traffic light, and you will be able to enjoy the speed of your bike to the maximum. 

5. Electric motorbike sound 

The last tip has to do with your safety. One of the characteristics of electric motorcycles is their low noise emission, something that a priori is super positive but with which we must be aware. The fact that they do not emit any sound means that other vehicles do not expect your arrival, so you should consider this in your driving to anticipate any unforeseen event. 

However, a plus point is that you will be able to hear better what is going on around you and be more aware of what is happening on the road.  

With these tips, you are more than ready to ride your electric motorcycle to the maximum with total safety; you just have to press the throttle and enjoy. 3, 2, 1… go!