Riding a motorcycle can be a way of getting from one place to another for whatever reason, but it can also be a way of life, where a weekend ride on the best roads can be the best escape from a week of stress and work. 

Belonging to a motorcycle group is a way of life. You only have to talk to any rider to see that this is true. The collaboration and union in these groups of friends is the result of years and years of riding together on the best roads in the country. 

Riding in a motorcycle group can be an incredible adventure. However, it is highly recommended to follow several tips to ensure safety and fun in any case.

 From Rossvolt, lovers of the road, we will bring you the tips to bear when out riding in a group to avoid any unforeseen events that could jeopardize a perfect experience, take note!

What tips to remember when out riding in a group will help you on your ride?

Riding in a group safely and efficiently is one of the key skills of road motorcycling. However, the first few times you ride in a group, it can be a confusing experience. 

We’ve got the essential information and techniques you need to stay safe, ride confidently and have an enjoyable time. These tips to bear in mind when out riding in a motorcycle group will help you make this adventure a success:

  • Plan your route well. The first step is to plan your chosen route. It would help to establish the starting time and the stops you will make. Also, your plans will not be the same if you only go out for one day as if you plan to extend your route a little further. In any case, look for places where you can comfortably and safely make these stops, ensuring that the whole group is knowledgeable and agrees with the route.


  • Where to charge or refuel. On a motorcycle group ride, remember that not everyone rides the same motorcycle, so some motorbikes use more fuel or need to be electrically charged frequently. These factors will determine how often to stop to charge the motorcycle or fill the tank.  


  • Battery and fuel charging. On this occasion, instead of focusing on the stops that will be made along the route, we will focus on a previous tip. It is highly recommended that all the group members start the road with the tank and battery at maximum charge. In this way, most of the members will need to stop practically simultaneously, reducing the number of stops or avoiding unnecessary stops.   


  • Timetables. It is important to plan the route’s schedule, avoid peak traffic hours and, in the case of the main winter or summer months, avoid riding at times when the level of heat or cold is excessive to ensure, as far as possible, maximum enjoyment of the route. It is also important to allow enough time for adequate rest between each day of your ride. 


  • Hand signals for motorcycle riding in a group. As a good rider, you probably know that many hand signals indicate different maneuvers to other riders. Before starting the route, establish a series of agreed and easily understood gestures to maintain communication between all group members. In addition, if the group breaks up or members become distant, they will have to wait at each junction to regroup.  


  • Motorcycle riding positions in a group. It is best if the most experienced rider or the rider who knows the route best rides in front. In addition, the next most experienced rider should be the one to close the group to ensure that no one is left behind. As in any other case, keeping a good safety distance is good so that you will have no problem braking if the motorcycle in front of you breaks. It is best to position yourself in a sort of zigzag pattern. If someone is left behind for any reason, the rest of the group should wait for the rider but do not commit recklessness. 


  • Condition of the vehicle. Of course, before starting the ride, all members must check the condition of their motorcycles to ensure maximum safety and to avoid, as far as possible, any unforeseen events or breakdowns that could ruin the outing.  

You may have already taken some of these tips into account. However, it never hurts to remember them and put them into practice. Never forget that when going out in a group, respect, communication between members, trust in each other, and camaraderie must prevail. 

At Rossvolt, we will be happy to accompany you on each of your outings, enjoy the road with you and provide you with maximum safety and autonomy at all times, always prioritizing the best experience on the road with our electric motorcycles. Become part of our community and enjoy the road with us and, above all, have a good trip!